Friday, August 19, 2011

Banurgad / Bhupalgad

Bhupalgad is situated near Banur village in Khanapur taluka of Sangli district. There are only ruins of the construction available on the fort. The important place on the fort is the tomb of Bahirji Naik, who was chief of intelligence department of Shivaji Maharaj. There is a temple of Banling on the fort Bhupalgad.

Bhupalgad is a witness of one of the battles in Marathas and Mughals. Dilerkhan, one of the Mughal general attacked the fort in 1679. Firangoji Narsala, the veteran Maratha commander was in charge (killedar) of the fort. He had fought with Shaista Khan for about two months in Sangramdurg (Chakan). Firangoji successfully repulsed the attack of Mughals. At this time prince Sambhaji was with Dilerkhan. He took the control of war and sent message to Firangoji to hand over the fort to Mughals.

Firangoji was very shocked by this message. He followed the order of prince Sambhaji and handed over the fort to Mughals. When Dilerkhan entered the fort with his army, he ordered to chop off one hand of all the Maratha soldiers on the fort. The order was followed and the one hand of all the Maratha soldiers was chopped off. Dilerkhan later destructed the fort leaving it useless for war.

Firangoji went to Raigad, and narrated the incident to Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj became very upset. He ordered all the killedars not to leave the fort under any circumstances unless they get direct order from him to do so.

Banurgad / Bhupalgad

Water reservoir
Way to Banurgad

Main Gate of Banling Temple

Banling Temple

Tomb of Bahirji Naik

Tomb of Bahirji Naik

Tomb of Bahirji Naik before renovation

Remains of gate in fortification in Banurgad

Bastion in the fortification of Banurgad

Kavdyacha dongar ( Kavdya Hills)

One of the Hanuman Temple

Remains of the fortification


  1. Please inform route directiopn from Pune..

  2. From pune> take NH4 Pune-banglore highway. From karad city, turn to the road which go to vita / khanapur. After khanapur, there is road to left side for Banurgad.
    Distance from khanapur around 20Km .

  3. Saluting to bahirji naik always and forever.

  4. Its very nice place...this is my native place..