Monday, June 11, 2012


Chikurde is a village in Walwa taluka of Sangli District. River 'Warna' flows through this village.
Below are some of pics of Warna river flowing through the Chikurde village.
Warna River in Chikurde

Bridge on Warna River in Chikurde

A war between military of Aadilshah of Vijapur and Maratha was was fought near to this village. Netaji Palkar was Maratha general leading from Marathas. A Muslim warrior from Maratha military scarified his life in that war. The incident took place near to Warna river in this village. The person in above pic is indicating how river had turned red with the blood of the brave soldiers. Both Muslim and Hindu communities are living with unity and harmony in this village.


  1. Very good collection of forts information in maharashtra. I really appreciate your and your team work done for awaring people about our great forts culture.