Monday, February 25, 2013

Raireshwar ( Rayreshwar )

Raireshwar (Rayreshwar) is the word which is closely associated with the origin of Maratha empire. Most of people who know Shivaji Maharaj, also know that Raireshwar is the place where the great king took oath to set up his own empire. He sweared to set his country and countrymen free from the atrocities of contemporary ‘sultans’. So Raireshwar holds an imprortant place in history of India in general and history of Maratha empire and Maharashtra in particular.
Raireshwar is a temple of Hindu God "Shiva". Raireshwar is located at approx 90 KM from Pune in ‘Bhor’ tehasil. Kenjalgad is located at South East of Raireshwar at a very close distance.

Kenjalgad as seen from Raireshwar base

To get there from Pune, drive along Pune-Benglore highway (NH-4) till Kapurhol and take a right turn to Bhor. From Bhor a short road takes you to Raireshwar.
You can drive on your bike till the ladder point or can trek from the base village. The bike’s road takes you along the ghat that has a large number of hairpin turns. The road passes through ghat hill on which Kenjalgad lies, you will have to take a right turn just after Kenjalgad to follow a very narrow road to Raireshwar. Drive/ Walk till a steel ladder is visible.  

Kenjalgad as seen from Raireshwar base

The bike must be parked here and a trek to Raireshwar start Its about half hour walk from the ladder to the cultural temple.

Way to Raireshwar: You can take your vehicles till here
The route through ladder & the rocky path takes you on a plateau of Raireshwar.
Stairs to Raireshwar

The Raireshwar temple is at few minutes walk from here. When you turn back Kenjalgad and the temple on it is visible. Its an awesome scene of the road, which has taken you to the ladder point.
Kenjalgad as seen while retrospection

The hairpin turns on the way to Raireshwar

Kenjalgad and ghat route to Raireshwar

Raireshwar temple is construced with stone. It has a ‘Shivling’ and couple of paintings in it. ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ along his friends is shown to be cutting his finger with sword and pouring his blood on ‘Shivling’ to take oath of “swarajya”.
Raireshwar Temple

Raireshwar Temple
Some text is also inscribed on the wall of Raireshwar temple. Below is the pic of the text.

Text inscribed on the wall of the Raireshwar Temple

There is a statue of ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ near the Raireshwar temple.
Statue of Shivaji Maharaj before Raireshwar Temple
It would to be a great trip to Raireshwar during rain or during winter. Please make sure you have enough potable water till you reach the temple, if you are visiting during summer.
Meal [ Pithal + Bhakari ] can be arranged from the people living there on Raireshwar.