Monday, August 15, 2011


Vasantgad fort is located near Talbid village in Satara district. The Talbid village is place of Hambirrao Mohite, who was fourth commander in chief of Maratha empire. The first three were Mankoji Dahatonde, Netaji Palkar and Prataprao Gujar

It takes about half an hour to reach to Talbid from Karad. There is monument of Hambirrao Mohite in the village Talbid. The trek to the fort starts from here. The trek is not so tough and completes within an hour. Please make sure that you have your water bottles with you before you start the trek.

The fortification of the fort is on the verge to vanish. The main entrance has almost been disappeared. There is temple of Chandrasen on the top of fort. There are couple of bastions present at the west side of the fort and a door in better condition on the north side.

It is said that the fort was constructed by king Bhoja of Shilahar dynesty. It was captured by Shivaji Maharaj by Adilshaha in 1659. Chhatrapati Rajaram (Son of Shivaji Maharaj) had stayed here for few days while returning from Jinji. Aurngzeb captured Vasantgad in 1700, and renamed it to "Killa da Fateh". Marathas took Vasantgad back from Mughals in 1706. Here are some of the pics of my visit to Vasantgad.
Vasantgad as seen from Talbid

Remains of the main entrance of Vasantgad

Inside view of the entrance to Vasantgad from north

Outside view of the entrance to Vasantgad from north

Bastion on the west side of Vasantgad

Remains of the fortification of Vasantgad