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Shivneri : Shivaji Maharaj's Birthplace

Fort Shivneri, as seen from Junnar
Shivaji is known as the ideal king in the world. The great king Shivaji was born on this fort.  It is situated near Naneghat and in the valley of river Kukadi (Kusumavati). It is surrounded by the robust forts like Hadsar, Chavand, Jeevdhangad etc.  
Caves and water reservoir in the way to Shivneri via sakhali route.

There is temple of Hindu goddess Shivai. The name Shivaji was derived from the name of goddess Shivai
The history of this fort dates back to Satvahana era. After that it was under Yadava rule till it was captured by Malik Uttujar 1n 1443. Then it was under Mughal rule. In 1650 sixty rebel members, all from Koli  community were slaughtered on this fort. The place where the slaughter was carried out is still on the fort and is known as Koli Chauthara.
Sakhali Route to the fort.
   The main points on the fort are seven gates(Mahadarwaja), Ganga - Jamuna  twin water reservoir, Godawn (Ambarkhana),  Idgah, Badam  lake and the statue of Shvaji MaharajJijabai mother of king Shivaji, birth place of King Shivaji.

How to go?
Junnar is the base station for Shivneri. Above photograph has been taken from Junnar. You have to go to Junnar so as to visit the fort.
From Pune: Pune--> Narayangaon ---> Junnar.
The distance between Pune and Junnar is about 103 km. The fort is about 2km from Junnar. You can trek to top of the fort by Sakhali route or have a vehicle to drop you at the main entrance.

Birth Place of king Shivaji
Birth place of king Shivaji

Ruins of the buildings
Badam lake
Place of Kadelot. This is the place from
where offenders were thrown down in the
valley as punishment.

One of the gate of fort

Fortification of Shivneri
Temple of goddess Shivai 

Kulup Gate

Mena Gate

Ganesh Gate

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  1. proud of this place king shavaji born on this place & he save hindustan - from vinayak mahale