Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shriram Temple of Kargani

Kargani is a village in Atpadi tahasil of Sangli district of Maharashtra. Here is a very beautiful temple of lord Shriram. There are idols of Shriram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman inside the temple. There is a Shivlinga also in the temple. According to the folktale, lord Shreerama came here and the sword of Laxman felt from his hand here. Consequently the  Shivlinga appeared. Then Shreeram worshiped this Shivlinga.
Very beautiful design has been inscribed on the walls of the temple. The finishing of the stone  pillars is so smooth that you can see the mirror images of your fingers inside the black stone!!!.
I love the village because this is my birthplace. Here are some of the pics of the temple, you may like.
Shreeram Temple of Kargani
Design inscrideb on the walls of the temple
Design inscribed on the walls of the temple.


  1. its very beautiful photos

  2. Hi, my name is chandrakant hake, this my vilage & my ather's birth place too, i like the description of temple & picture's too.

  3. Hi , I am Vikas Sargar .Its my village I Proud for that

  4. Very Nice photos and Good information. Like.this very much.
    Deelip Chitnis Kundal.

  5. Nice pictures and apt description. Recently I visited the temple to photograph the inscriptions but they have been erased by cement structure by none other than some gaonwalls. Alas we could decipher those inscriptions!

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  7. To the most awesome and dedicated Temple & Our Village. Thanks for the excellent hands............ Tanaji B. Rupnar Balewadi